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DUI Lawyers SydneyThe Alcohol Interlock Program is a court based order for drink driving offenders which came into effect on 8 September 2003. The program allows drivers convicted of certain major alcohol-related offences to continue driving after a reduced disqualification period if they acquire an alcohol interlock device and take part in the program which requires a number of actions to be undertaken on behalf of the participant.

Who is eligible?

The court will certainly decide who is entitled to enter the program. The court will certainly provide 2 orders for eligible offenders. The first order will certainly specify the full disqualification duration for the offence. The second order will point out:

  • A reduced duration of disqualification (the ‘disqualification compliance period’).
  • An interlock participation duration throughout which time the motorist holds an interlock motorist licence and is subject to certain licence conditions.

Participation in the program is voluntary. Those who do not acquire an interlock motorist licence from the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will be called for to serve their full disqualification duration.

Exactly what is an alcohol interlock?

An alcohol interlock device is an electronic breath-testing device linked to the ignition of an motor vehicle. The automobile will certainly not start unless the driver passes a breath test.

DUI Lawyers SydneyWhy is the interlock penalty being introduced?

Drink driving is a factor in roughly one in 5 fatal crashes. Over the 5 years 1998 to 2002 there were 525 people wiped out and 9,011 individuals injured as a result of a drink driving crash.

In addition numerous drink drivers continue to offend. Each year around 18 per cent of those convicted of DUI have a previous DUI convictions. Drink driving is additionally associated with driving while disqualified.

The interlock penalty offers DUI offenders with an opportunity to restore themselves and to legally drive when they are sober.

This new charge will help to remove DUI offenders from our roadways.


Interlock installation and servicing

Expenses associated with the installment and servicing of alcohol interlocks are the duty of the participant. Information of expenses and associated expenses can be discovered by clicking right here. Presently, Guardian Interlock are the only approved carrier of alcohol interlock installment and servicing in NSW. More enquiries about the costs connected with the program can be directed to Guardian Interlock.

Drink-less program

As part of the demands to acquire an interlock driver licence candidates have to go to a consultation with a physician no earlier than 28 days before the end of the disqualification period.

The consultation must be made with a doctor who has actually been trained by Sydney University to provide the Drink-less program. Contact information for skilled doctors are offered in the Records box.

The Drink-less program is a survey about alcohol usage that takes around five minutes and is followed by a short discussion with the doctor. At the end of the conversation the doctor will offer you a pocket-sized self-help Drink-less booklet.

Sydney DUI Lawyers

You can easily not pass or fail the Drink-less program. It is made to provide interlock motorist licence candidates with the possibility to review alcohol issues with a physician.


The Alcohol Interlock Program Information Package includes a Drink-less certificate for the doctor to sign. Interlock licence candidates should take the certification to the assessment. At the conclusion of the consultation, the physician will certainly sign this certification.


The Drink-less medical certification is sent at the motor registry as part of the application for an interlock driver licence.


All costs connected with the medical consultations should be paid by the candidate.



Resource for the above information can be found: RTA Website 


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