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In New South Wales the Courts take an extremely serious position when coping with offences of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and driving whilst over the Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA) and all DUI offences in general. Subsequently there are incredibly tough penalties for these types of DUI offences and the gravity of these penalties will depend on the level of your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and also whether or not you have actually been pronounced guilty of a comparable offence in the past.

In current times the Courts and also traffic legislation in New South Wales have bowed to public demand to take a tougher approach when handling with DUI matters. Naturally the greater your BAC, at that point the greater your your financial fine and the much longer your time span of disqualification will definitely be.

We will best advise and represent you on whether or not there are any type of qualities in defending your DUI or PCA charges, whether your BAC studying was accurate as well as whether the authorities observe specific time frames as well as other procedural requirments. If you have been charged with a DUI or PCA offense at that point generally penalties of disqualification and also fines will apply, however if you have previous convictions of a similar nature then you could be classed as a Habitual Offender and maybe subject to a term of imprisonment.

In New South Wales there are various charges that can be laid for DUI Offences, these include:

Types of Offences


range PCA (.00 –.019)


range PCA (.02 – .049)


range PCA (.050 – .079)


range PCA (.080 – .149)


range PCA (over . 150)


under the influence (DUI)


breath analysis


alter blood concentration


breath test

For more information on the approximate penalties that may apply to DUI offences please click here.

In order to give you the greatest possibility possible of getting a reduced charge we will prepare well devised court submissions based on our experience, expertise and knowledge of the law and what the judges need to be assured of. When we attend the court to have your matter heard before a Magistrate we will present to the court our submissions and any relevant material that will assist the court and mitigate your positions.


Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers are here to help you through any drink driving, drug driving, DUI, unlicenced driving, disqualified driving, dangerous driving, careless driving, hooning or any other traffic matter that you may have in Sydney or the surrounding suburbs. We offer professional services with very competitive fixed fee prices and do not charge for travel. We will devise a strategic plan to help you through the legal process in order to reduce your penalties or get the best possible outcome for you.

We are available to appear at the following Sydney local courts – Balmain Court, Bankstown Court, Blacktown Court, Burwood Court, Central Bail Court, Downing Centre Local Court, Fairfield Court, Kogarah Court, Liverpool Court, Manly Court, Newtown Court, North Sydney, Parramatta Court, Ryde Court, Sutherland Court and Waverley Court.


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